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Throughout the war and in the immediate post-war period, people across the island of Ireland collected money for memorials to honour those who had died. Tabloids include the Belfast Telegraph, the Northern Whig and the Belfast News Letter. The clippings range from 1916 to 1922 and cover events such as the erection of monuments and memorials to those who died, memorial services, and rolls of honour listing the names of Ulster service men who went to war.

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Rememberance July 1916-1919'
10th Royal Irish Rifles Memorial Association'
Belfast Workers and the War - Messrs. Davidson & Co.'s "Roll of Honour"'
Battle of the Somme: Our Fallen Heroes, Commeorative Services in Belfast'
Field of Battle Monument to the Fallen of the Ulster Division. Third List of Subscriptions'
The Somme Memorial: Touching Scenes in Belfast City Hall Grounds'
Shankill Road Mission'
Lest We Forget" Comrades Parade'
Ulster's Heroic Dead: Tribute to Their Memory, Service in Belfast Cathedral'
Lady Mayoress's Tribute to Ulster's Dead Heroes'
Tribute to Our Fallen Heroes
Albert Hall War Memorial'
Belfast Church War Memorial'
Albertbridge War Memorial'
Argyle Place Pres. Church: Rolls of Honour Unveiled'
Monument Erected in Honour of the Irish Command Labour Corps'
War Memorial Tablet Balmoral Methodist Church'
Lord Chief Justice Unveils N.-E. Bar War Memorial'