Outbreak Of War

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This section contains newspaper articles from sources including the Northern Whig and the Belfast Telegraph regarding the outbreak of World War One in 1914. Clippings including those concerning the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand, Britain’s declaration of War, and the activities of the British Expeditionary Force.

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Germans' Desperate Rally - Fighting on a Fortified Line'
Battle of the Rivers - British Official Despatch'
The Battle at Mons: How the British Fought - A Sergeant's Story'
British Naval Victory: Battle off Heligoland - Five German Warships Sunk'
130 Persons Killed Outright by the Explosion'
The Duty of Ulstermen'
German Movement Fails: Attempt to Outflank the British'
Britain and the War: Sir E. Gray's Momentous Statement'
European War Cloud: A Day of Waiting'
The European War Cloud: Sinister Rumours - Austria & Russia Moving'
The Austro Servian War: Aged Emperor's Manifesto'
The Continental War: British Ultimatum to Germany - Declaratin of War'
Austria Declares War: The Shadow Over Europe'
The Colonies Stand by Great Britain: Offers of Help'
How the Lancers Charged the Guns'