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This section contains newspaper clippings regarding the women of Ulster in relation to the rise of the Suffragette movement, the founding of the Ulster Volunteer Nursing Corps, the Queen Mary’s Army Auxiliary Corps - Ulster nurses of the Voluntary Aid Detachment, the Ulster Women’s Unionist Council and the Ulster Volunteer Signallers Corps.

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Up-to-Date Suffragists'
Feminine Activity'
American Suffragists on March'
Mrs. Saunders, Manager of Union, Arrested'
Prime Minister Pursued by Suffragists: Remarkable Photo of Exciting Incident'
Suffragette Sacrilege: Attempt to Destroy - Ballylesson Parish Church'
Belfast Suffragettes: Released from Prison - Too Ill to Attend Court'
Suffragettes on Trial: Disorderly Scenes Renewed - Magistrate's Drastic Action'
Belfast Suffragettes: Meeting in the Ulster Hall'
Women's Suffrage: W.S.P.U Meeting in Belfast'
Belfast Suffragist " Martyr": Sequel to Monday's Scenes'
Guarding the Threatened Magistrate'
The Peril of St. Paul's'
Burning to Get the Vote'
Where the Women Vote'
The Alleged Suffragist Conspiracy'
Destroyed Pavilion and Turf'
Dorothy's Dodge'