War Art and Poetry

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This section contains a selection of sketches and poems concerning the Great War.

The poems have been penned by the likes of Kipling, Cowan & the Rev. Pakeham-Walsh, however the majority are from ordinary men at home and at the Front, women and even children.

The sketches include satirical depictions and tabloid cartoons, often poking fun at key politicians and world events of the period including the Home Rule Crisis in Ireland, the Suffragette movement and the allies.

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My Dear Sir George Ritchie'
The Dawn of Harmony'
Deep Waters'
Down Under'
The Dumper's Chance'
Dirty Work at the Cross Roads'
The Ever-Open Door'
'Ands Up, All of Yer'
Examine Arms'
Feeling the Pinch'
On the Frying Pan'
A Lesson in "Kulture"'
The Gift Horse'
The Crowning Distinction'
The Home-Coming'
Home Rule Parliament'
The Skeleton at the Feast'